The Drama Department


Drama is a highly expressive subject which encourages students to develop their creative, physical, emotional and intellectual capacity. Studying drama encourages the development of emotional maturity giving pupils an understanding of themselves and others. Whilst there is an emphasis upon developing performance skills, these skills can prove invaluable in later life as being able to speak confidently in front of people, plan and problem solve are useful skills for many careers. Drama is taught from Year 2 to A level and pupils will gain a strong foundation of technique as they move through the school.

Our Drama curriculum explores a wide variety of styles, genres and texts and promotes the development of a wide range of performance skills. The key elements of the curriculum are outlined below.

  • Characterisation Skills 
  • Audience Awareness 
  • Proxemics and creating a Stage Picture 
  • Ensemble  
  • Improvisation 
  • Script  
  • History of Theatre 
  • Evaluation and Analysis 

Pupils will have a variety of performance experiences throughout their journey through school including ISA competitions, showcases, Festivals and School productions. We firmly believe in promoting Drama for all, whilst also facilitating those who excel to achieve as highly as they can. 


Mrs M Pappini

Miss E Vaudrey

Mr L Vaudrey